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Somfy�s Dimmable LED RTS Light Kit for your deck or patio

Motorized awnings and pergolas powered by Somfy instantly transform your deck into a cool, comfortable outdoor living space during the day, but your patio doesn’t have to be abandoned at night. Our Dimmable LED RTS Light Kit seamlessly and easily integrates into the awning arms and is controlled with the same device as the awning. Available in warm or cool white, can be easily added to an existing or new Somfy-powered featuring Radio Technology Somfy® awning installation, to create a desired ambiance.

Comfort & Convenience

  • Convenient solution for adding lighting to Somfy motorized awnings 
  • Operate and adjust the lights with the same control as the awning
  • Smartphone and Tablet App compatible for quick and easy control
  • Allows for 12 levels of brightness and features the Somfy my position to set a preferred lighting level
  • Recommended control: Telis Modulis RTS. The center scroll-wheel provides easiness and precision in 12 step dimming function. Available in single or five channels.


Easy Installation

  • Plug and play kit installs quickly and easily without the need for an electrician and is ideal for existing or new installations.
  • Available as a turn key kit including a receiver and 4 LED light bars or customizable to suit any lighting needs.
  • LED bars available in warm or cool white can be mounted on top of the awning arms for ambiant, muted light, or facing down for stronger light, depending on preference.



  • Compatible with full range of RTS motors, controls and accessories.
  • Ideal for new or existing installations.
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